New Company & Website

Imagine If Distribution logo

In July 2013 Resonanz Recordings was incorporated into Imagine If Distribution. This change was made to accommodate the new directions the company is heading towards. Nothing will change for any of our wholesale customers for Resonanz Recordings - your account will be the same, prices, delivery and consignments etc. We will continue to supply the same CDs by all the same authors (with some very exciting new products on their way too).

Why The Change?

Since 2006 Resonanz has been solely a CD distributor. With the help of our affiliate partners and extended network, we have decided to expand into other areas of distribution and product development as well. Much of this will be in conjunction with our place within the new Product Search International organisation. This is a collective group of industry professionals including prototype developers, patent lawyers, government grant specialists, manufacturing contacts and product designers. Our role within this extended network will be to help utilise distribution and sales channels. We already have a number of fantastic innovative products ready to be released, and you will be hearing more about these very soon!

New Site

To accompany the change in structure - we also have a new website. This was done by our sister company 'Imagine If Media', whom we will be working closely with to satisfy all of our clients (and our own) website, audio and design needs. In the very near future we will be integrating some brand new features into this website to make it easier for existing clients, as wells new ones, to do business together. This will include a fully automated wholesale ordering system, where you will be able to jump online and create your order or consignment count whenever you like.

Looking forward to all the exciting new opportunities, and we hope you will be aprt of them too.

- Giovanni Lordi