About Imagine If Distribution

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Imagine If Distribution is a 'dot to dot' company. By that we mean we help 'connect all the dots' between product owners, wholesalers, retail clients, distribution channels, and product development. We have close affiliations with many companies with whom we work closely with to provide a wide range of solutions. Owned & operated by Giovanni Lordi, Imagine If Distribution is an incorporated company with Resonanz Recordings.

Incorporating Resonanz Recordings - CD Distribution

Resonanz Recordings logoResonanz Recordings was founded in 2006 by Giovanni Lordi & Rick Collingwood. It was first established as a way to distribute Rick's hypnotherapy CDs. Achieving great success early on, Resonanz then expanded to also distribute other author's CDs, books, DVDs and electronic music. To date we now represent 20 different authors and over 250 different albums, books and DVDs. Resonanz is one of the largest hypnosis/self help/meditation distribution companies in Australia, distributing to over 500 stores nation wide as well as overseas. We are fortunate to have been the only company awarded ARIA Gold & Platinum record certification by ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) for hypnosis/self help CDs in Australia. In total we have received 2 Platinum (77 000+ copies) and 6 Gold (33 000+) certificates from ARIA for Rick's hypnotherapy CDs.

Other International Product Distribution

GlobeAs Resonanz began to further extend it's reach, so too did the number of people seeking distribution and advice for other types of products other than CDs. It was a natural progression for our company to become involved in other types of product distribution - hence the amalgamation into Imagine If Distribution. These days through our own channels and partner companies, we offer a full range of solutions for product development and distribution:

  • Retail sales (direct to customers)
  • Wholesale (to stores & websites)
  • Product development, patenting, prototyping, manufacturing & government grants (through Product Search International)
  • Website, Audio & Design services (through our sister company Imagine If Media)
  • Digital Music distribution (Itunes, Amazon, Google Play etc.)
  • Plus much more....

Balanced stonesSpecialising in Natural Health & Wellbeing Products

Although through our sister companies we can help with any type of product, our specialty is in the health & wellbeing industry. We have a great deal of experience and channels within this industry. If you have an idea, product or invention we are well placed to assist you with development in all stages of production. Our client's products currently include oils, CDs, natural remedies, creams, essences and other health related items. Please contact us here if you would like to speak directly with us about this if your product falls into this category.