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Hemp oil benefits for skin

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Hemp seed oil - Mother Nature's beauty secret

Hemp seed oil provides an impressive array of benefits when it comes to your skin. It keeps it looking healthy, young and radiant as well as being an effective treatment and prevention method for specific skin conditions. Containing concentrated levels of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal skin health, hemp seed oil is garnering a great deal of attention in recent years. Long gone are the days where hemp was purely associated with marijuana and recreational drug use. As social boundaries are breaking down so too is what science and medicine are discovering what this amazing 'superfood' is capable of.

What makes it so effective?

The hemp seeds which are cold pressed to create the oil contain high levels of antioxidants. These help counteract free radicals responsible for cell damage and a tired look to your complexion. By using it on a regular basis, you can maintain your skin’s elasticity and freshness as well as combating the signs of ageing. The oil also has an anti-ageing effect thanks to its fatty acids. These can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, halting the progress of further signs of ageing. Its ability to stimulate skin cells to regenerate is another way in which it helps maintain a glowing, youthful complexion.

It’s hard to find a moisturiser for greasy skin which isn’t too heavy. Hemp oil is ideal as it provides greasy skin with the optimum amount of hydration and regulates further oil production. The high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids lend anti-inflammatory properties, calming inflamed or irritated skin that can be present in many different conditions. Given the range of extensive conditions it can treat, hemp oil benefits for skin are rightly celebrated worldwide.

Types of skin conditions it can help prevent & treat

Hemp seed oil is remarkable in that it helps a wide range of skin conditions. These range from those triggered by overly dry skin to others brought on by excess oil production.

Acne/acne scarring

The linoleic acid in hemp seed oil benefits acne-prone skin by balancing oil production and improving the quality of the sebum it produces. It’s also great for scarring as it reduces inflammation and redness.


Hemp oil’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe existing areas of psoriasis on the skin, while its anti-oxidants protect the skin from further damage and so can prevent future outbreaks.


Hemp seed oil benefits for skin include soothing uncomfortable areas of eczema. Its fatty acids quickly soothe dry, inflamed skin, acting in a similar way to your body’s own lipids – the skin’s own fats that keep it moisturised and protected.

How to use hemp oil to help your skin

You can benefit from hemp seed oil 2 ways:

Eating/ingesting hemp oil

The many vitamins, nutrients and minerals contained in the oil provide your body with what it needs to promote healthy skin. Hemp oil has a wonderful nutty flavour and compliments many types of foods and drinks. It is best consumed raw (not cooked) to preserve the nutrients and taste. When hemp oil is heated over 150 degrees celsius (such as in frying or normal cooking temperatures) a chemical reaction occurs where trans fats are produced and the taste also becomes affected. For this reason we recommend adding it to salads, dressings, rice, meat, smoothies, dips and anything other type food you like to eat. Simply pour a small amount (approx 10-20ml per serve straight out of the bottle on to your food ready to eat.

Applying topically to skin

A little known secret about hemp seed oil is that you can actually receive great benefit applying it to your skin. You can use it like a moisturiser, rubbing it into the face, body or areas affected by a particular skin condition. It can be a versatile natural moisturiser that doesn’t clog the pores and helps soothe dry skin. Its fatty acids also help create a protective barrier to the skin, preventing moisture loss. For this reason it is a perfect non-greasy moisturiser for oily skin.

Before using hemp oil on your face or other sensitive areas we strongly recommend conducting a spot test to make sure you do have any allergic reactions to it. To do this simply rub a very tiny amount on to a non-sensitive area of your skin like your arms or legs, and then wait 24 hours. If you see noe redness, pigmentation or other undesirable effects you are good to go.

To incorporate the oil into your morning and nighttime beauty routine is simple.

Step 1. Thoroughly cleanse the skin and pat it dry.

Step 2. Apply a small amount of oil (about 5-10ml) directly to the affected or target area, taking a minute to gently massage it in.

For a luxurious treatment for dry hands or feet, massage in a generous amount before bedtime and wear socks or thin cotton gloves overnight to get maximum benefit. You can also use hemp oil as the carrier oil in an aromatherapy treatment. Put a few drops of your chosen essential oil in your hemp oil base and use it for a fragrant and healing massage.



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