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2nd February 2020

Great product I take it everyday , I recommend it to everyone..

Keiran, Epping

20th January 2019

I’ve noticed since using the dual action exfoliating creme 2 x a week, I have had less breakouts and blemishes and my skin feels and looks soft, smoother, healthier and my face is fresh and impurity free. Thank you.

Tenille, Perth

20th January 2019

I have used the Oz Secrets Kakadu Plum Cleansing Milk for over 2 years now & from the first time I used it I noticed my skin to feel so much softer, it leaves it feeling fresh & clean every time.

Amy, Cairns

20th January 2019

Just when I thought my skin couldn’t get any better – this serum is seriously NEXT LEVEL! I’m now addicted! I treat my skin to this serum every night and apply a little moisturiser on top

Shaun Tremmel

23rd May 2018

I love these capsules - they make it so easy to get my intake of Omega 3 and 6. Best buy ever!


16th April 2018

I have been taking the hemp protein it tastes nice , I don’t get as much pain as I used to from work out I feel amazing, highly recommend this product. It’s packed with power..

Sam G

15th July 2017

I was talking to a friend of mine about my eczema on my hands, as I am a carpenter , he recommended hemp oil. To my amazement it disappeared within 2 weeks , I highly recommend this product.


15th July 2017

Thank you for the hemp seeds, I have had ingestion problems with going to the bathroom, after taking the hemp seeds with my food, I found it improved and is improving day by day


5th November 2016

I have suffered from psoriasis of the scalp for many years now and have tried just about every shampoo available. I always avoided wearing dark colours and was very paranoid about it all the time. I have used the Talyala Shampoo and Conditioner for about 3 months now, and although it hasn’t completely stopped all flaking, it’s reduced it by at least 90%. The extra bonus is it makes my hair so soft and shiny and I can now again wear dark clothes. I highly recommend this product to anyone with flaky scalps and I will to continue to use it on a regular basis. Thanks

Paul Calthorpe

23rd July 2016

‘You will be wanting to know how we have reacted to the emu oil capsules. Not alot for my wife although she has not been complaining so much about the aches in her foot. She remains an ardent user of the oil to soothe the discomfort caused by twice daily insulin injection. As for me, there has been a noticable diminishment in the nighttime aches in my hips. These were disturbing my sleep, waking me up every hour or so. Now I am sleeping for five hours, disturbed only by one call of nature. So many thanks for that. All the capsules, pill and powders taken in the past have not been so effective. There was a bonus for me. For several years I have had the unpleasantness of eczema on my right hand (palm and fingers), always with pustules. Within a week of starting on the emu oil capsules, my hand was totally clear. Not a trace of the infection can be seen. I am absolutely delighted.

Erin Vicars

26th May 2016

I had a strained wrist which would not heal. My doctor diagnosed that it was possibly a repetitive strain. After trying several other products, I finally tried Ouch! Pain Relief Cream and it helped in relieving the stiffness and swelling. I continued to apply the Ouch cream for a week or so. Ouch cream is great and I would recommend it. I believe that Ouch! Pain Relief cream has assisted with the healing and repair of my wrist.


2nd December 2015

I have found that by using the Ouch Cream I can stay on the job. Working as a hairdresser, I occasionally experience pain in my back and my neck which can interfere with my work. Ouch Pain Relief cream has been great for the relief of my muscular aches and pains.


12th August 2015

“I love your straw. The tap water in my home is horrible, tastes like chlorine. I don’t like to buy bottled water because of what they are saying about the BPA leaching into the water from the plastic. Now, I can drink my tap water and it’s chlorine free. When I go to restaurants I feel safe now drinking the tap water. I don’t have to spend the extra money on water bottles either. I also have worried about the bottles of water I have saved in the garage for emergencies because they are stored in plastic. Now, no more worries. Thanks for your much needed invention. I will bring it to every restaurant I go to. No more covering up the taste of chlorine with the lemon.“

Valerie Strahan

11th June 2015

My wife Valerie has suffered with continual pain in her lower back for a long period of time. She has had great relief from acute pain with the application of OUCH! Pain Relief since we were lucky enough to obtain it.


14th March 2015

A wonderful friend sent me a bottle of the pure emu oil when my son was covered in a rash. His skin was rough and leathery but after 3 days of using the oil his skin was clear and soft! We use the oil as a part of our daily routine now, as well as to combat any allergy rashes that pop up. We love Talyala pure emu oil!


27th September 2014

I hv recently bought Emu oil.My head scalp n some part of my body were itch.May I know how to apply n the amount to apply on my scalp n body.thks u



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