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How do I place an online order with my special prices?
As soon as you login with your wholesale account all the prices in our online store here change to reflect your special pricing structure with us. You can then add new products to your cart and checkout once your order is ready to submit.

Can I order online and pay on account?
Yes. There are two payment options when you checkout. PayPal - if you would like to pay for your order instantly via your PayPal account or via credit card. On Account - if you would like to place the order under your wholesale account with your normal payment terms

How do I create a public store listing?
On your account page here is a link to create your store listing. Simply click the link and fill out all the fields and your listing will appear online immediately.

Can I edit my store listing if I made a mistake or my details change?
Yes. Simply login to your wholesale account and go to your account page here and click the link 'Edit Store Listing'. Here you can edit all the fields which will be updated live as soon as you press SAVE.

Do I get an invoice for online orders?
Yes. We will send an official tax invoice with your delivery. For your convenience you can view details for previous orders in your account page here by clicking the 'Order History' link. These are not official invoices as they do not include GST details so please use the invoice we send with your delivery for this. If you require official copies of past invoices please contact us here.

Why do the hemp seed and oil products have a 2-3 week delay for delivery?
Unfortunately this is outside of our control due to the massive popularity of Australian hemp products. Our suppliers can not keep up with demand both in Australia and overseas so sometimes there may be delays. We recommend ordering 2-3 weeks in advance for your expected turnover for these products to ensure you always have stock on hand. We do apologise for any inconvenience that may cause.

Will my order be sent in one package?
Most of the time your order will be sent alltogether however there may be rare cases where we have insufficient stock at our own warehouse and we may get our suppliers to send to you direct. If this is the case you WILL NOT be charged any additional postage fees and the orders are usually sent the same day before 10am AEST by our suppliers.

If you have any other questions about using our website or general enquiries please email us here or call 1300 658 064 and one of our staff will be able to assist.



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